Instructions to setup Blackberry Extractor on Mac

Please select from the following steps:-


  1. Double click on the downloaded dmg file to open the Blackberry Extractor software installer
  2. To install, simply drag the Total Saver Pro icon to the Applications folder
    Application installer

    Application installer



  1. Run the software from Applications (if not running already)
  2. Copy the Software Id, as it shows up on the software. To avoid manual errors, simply click on the ‘Copy Software Id’ button.
  3. Clicking on the ‘Copy Software Id’ button will copy the Software Id to clipboard.
    Copying Software Id

    Copying Software Id

  4. Open the registration link as sent by the sales team to your email address
  5. Paste/ Enter the Software Id on the registration page and click on the ‘Generate Serial Key’ button
  6. The system will generate the Serial Key for you. Click on the ‘Copy Serial Key’ button to copy the Serial Key to clipboard
  7. Paste/ Enter the Serial Key in the software
  8. Enter your email address
  9. Click on the Register button as shown on the software window
    Register software

    Register software


Data Recovery

  1. Click on the ‘Select backup’ button to browse to a location on your computer where from you can select the backup of your blackberry device.
  2. The software will start scanning the backup automatically; wait until the scan is complete.
    Scanning backup

    Scanning backup

  3. Upon completion, the software will list a summary of details it could find and can extract from the backup.
  4. Browse to a folder where you wish to extract the data and click on the Recover button. The software will start the extraction and recovery process; upon completion, the software will notify with a message stating the same.
    Extraction completed

    Extraction completed


App is damaged

App is damaged

If you happen to come across the popup shown above when you double click on the application to run it, it means you are running Mac OS X Mountain Lion or later. It is system feature in Mac OS that does not allow apps not downloaded from iTunes (App store) to be ran on your Mac.

The resolution is pretty simple though.

  • Mac Sierra Users (this 1 additional step)

    Open the Terminal app from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and then enter the following command:-

    sudo spctl –master-disable

    Hit return and enter your admin password.

    System Preferences

  • Open System Preferences > General. Unlock by clicking the lock icon shown in the bottom left corner of the window and the user will be able to set Allow apps downloaded from ‘Anywhere’ option.

    System Preferences

    Run the application again and it should run just fine.

Cannot generate Serial Key again

The registration link expires soon after you visit the page and generate the license once.
If you happen to have made a mistake or if the registration fails, the support staff can help you get the registration details for your copy of the software.

Simply email the ‘Software Id’ as it shows up on your copy of the software to the support team. For details, refer to this image

To avoid errors while manually copying the Software Id, use the ‘Copy Software Id’ button shown right next to the Software Id field.
They will generate a new license and help activate the full version of software for you.