Blackberry Extractor for Windows

Blackberry Extractor for Windows
Extract and recover data from your blackberry backups on Windows
  • Scan blackberry backup files
  • Works with all versions of blackberry backup
  • Export Blackberry contacts
  • Extract Call Logs
  • Export Text Messages
  • Pull out Tasks and Memos

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All your important data stored in Blackberry backup files created by the Blackberry Desktop Manager is invaluable.
We carefully looked at how we can extract, recover and export the data back from these cryptic files.
The Blackberry Extractor for Windows helps achieve that by extracting and exporting every single bit of information from your blackberry’s backup

Extract from Blackberry Backups

The Blackberry Extractor for Windows lets you browse to and select the unencrypted backup file (BBB or IPD) which was created by the Blackberry Desktop Manager. On selection, it automatically starts scanning the file to extract the data out and make it ready to be exported to your computer. All of this happens at a single click of the mouse button. As soon as you hit recovery, the software will automatically start the process to export the extracted data to your Windows and would alert you with an acknowledgment as soon as the process of recovery and extraction is complete.

Preview Summary of Data

As soon as you select the backup file of your blackberry device, the Blackberry Extractor for Windows starts scanning it. Upon completion, it shows a statistical summary of the data that was found and which can be exported. The latest version of Blackberry Extractor for Windows supports preview and export of the following data sets:-

  • Contacts exported in vCard and CSV
  • SMS/Text Messages exported in HTML, CSV and TXT formats
  • Call Logs exported in HTML, CSV and TXT formats
  • Tasks exported in HTML, CSV and TXT formats
  • Memos exported in HTML, CSV and TXT formats

Made for Mac and Windows

The Blackberry Extractor application has been built ground up to run both on Mac and on Windows.
Keeping the highest level of industry standards in mind, the software has been built such that it performs and gives exactly the same user experience on a Windows computer as it would on a Mac computer.

  • Each software license entitles users to run the software on their Windows or Mac computer
  • Blackberry Extractor recovers and exports data with the same speed and efficiency on Windows as it would on a Mac computer

1 click recovery

We wanted to make the recovery and extraction process as simple as possible. And we did so by make it a simple 1 click recovery process. The Blackberry Extractor comes into action and recovery with a single click of mouse button. No complicated selections or computer expertize required. Just 1 mouse click does it all!

  • The software summarizes the amount of data it could locate
  • Users gets to choose where to recover the data
  • The software initiates the recovery process as the user click on the ‘Recover’ button, alerts the user when recovery is complete

1 year Support

We are so confident about the Blackberry Extractor, that we back it by a free email support for a complete year.
If you buy the commercial version, then we offer premium remote assistance sessions wherein our support personnel will be able to remotely install, configure and run the software for you.

  • Free email support for 1 complete year
  • Access to up to date online software manual
  • Premium remote assistance sessions for commercial users